Welcome to First State News, the latest addition to Delaware’s news organizations which is designed to provide residents of Delaware and the surrounding area with a helpful, informative and educational news format more fitting to the Internet age.

All programming is syndicated and broadcast worldwide where it can be picked up and viewed by thousands of news agencies and other resources.

Specifically, we provide matchmaking services for the residents of Delaware by finding solutions to their problems.  Our focus is on “pain reduction”.  Even in difficult times, there is an easier, more cost effective way of doing pretty much anything.  It’s simply a matter of knowing how to do it.  So we ask the experts and pass the information on.

* First State News reporters consist primarily of citizen journalists.  Each report welcomes feedback and participation from our audience in the form of comments on the website.  All programming is syndicated and broadcast via RSS and available for individual viewing or display on news resources worldwide.

First State News is owned and operated by Winner Enterprises, LLC – an Internet Services company based in Newark, DE.